Pre-Season Advanced Training and Conditioning Program

Aug 7-11, 14-18 and  21-25, 2017 (Richmond Ice Centre)

This Pre-Season Advanced Program is designed for:

  1. Atom(2 Years experience) or PeeWee, Bantam, and Midget Players (3 Year experience) who have played in a Recreational, Spring or Recognized Hockey Program. 

  2. "READY FOR REP" Players who are or may be trying out for a Rep team in 2016-17 


  • Dramatically Improve Power Skating/Edge Control/Mechanics and techniques

  • Increase Aerobics and Endurance on ice and speed up recovery time on bench

  • Accelerate Speed, Mobility, Agility, and Quickness with intense interval Sprints

  • Improve On ice Balance, Power, Compete Skills with longer, more challenging skating sessions.

  • Achieve increased on ice work ethic, determination, checking and puck battling skills

  • Work to upgrade Shooting, Stickhandling, Passing and Game Play techniques

Advanced Power Skating Program

  1. Technique and mechanics; forward/backward

  2. Agility, mobility, 180 degree edge control, pivoting

  3. Advanced acceleration and maximum explosiveness

  4. High speed forward and backward transitioning

  5. Instant stops with instant re-starts

  6. Endurance, aerobics and stamina building 

Advanced Stick Skills Program

  1. Puck possession, body positioning and control, awareness

  2. Forehand/backhand, touch, saucer, give and go, passing

  3. Stickhandling, deking, toe drag, puck protection, transition

  4. Forehand/backhand ,slap, snap and wrist shots, one timers

Advanced Gameplay / Compete Program

  1. Offensive zone tactics, fore-checking, driving to the net, gaining body position (goal scoring), cycling

  2. Defensive /neutral zone tactics, defensive positioning, angling, positional play, backchecking, communication and motivation

  3. Battle and compete safely with respect for opponent, willingness to compete, puck control along boards, one on one battles, working for loose pucks

  4. Body Checking , (age eligible only), giving and taking, where and when to use it, degree of force, personal and opponent safety concerns



Dynamic Pre-Session Warm-up

This pre-game warm-up session will dramatically reduce on-ice injuries and provide the players with the ideal practice or game preparation and performance. Visit the PRE-SESSION WARM-UP section of our website for complete details

Pre-Season Advanced Training and Conditioning Program

Our Advanced Pre Season Program is designed to take each player’s skill set and skating to the next level focusing at all times on maximizing each player’s natural abilities and developing these talents to their fullest. By providing each player with all the necessary tools for tryouts and/or evaluations we are also, upon completion of this high level program and his/her tryouts, preparing all players to look towards a very successful and rewarding regular season.    

This ten hour (10) on-ice advanced program follows the Guidelines of Hockey Canada’s 2015 Short and Long Term Skating, Skills and Development Program which was developed and upgraded in recognition of the rapid escalation of skills of the European Hockey Player.

This new program was established to standardize and improve training practices with the objective of improving each player’s natural abilities so he/she can reach their maximum potential. While it should be the goal of each team to be successful, the individual player improvement process should be at the forefront of each team and a quality on-ice and off-ice development component must not be compromised.