Aug 10-14, 2020 (Richmond Ice Centre)

Competing, Skating and Shooting Combo (2010-11, 2008-09, 2005-07)
  • For all "READY FOR REP: Players who are or will be trying out for a Rep Team in 2020-21
  • For all Atom (2 years experience) PeeWee, Bantam and Midget Players (3 years experience) who have played in a Recreational, Spring or Recognized Hockey Program
Our Compete camp will be an intense WEEK LONG ON-ICE / OFF-ICE 12 1/2  HOUR PROGRAM  covering a wide range of SKATING, SKILLS, GAME PLAY and DYNAMIC WARM-UPS 

Overall Objectives of this Combo

  • Bring a new Intensity and Dynamics to each player  through a comprehensive and motivating program built around Determination, Hustle, Hardwork and Puck and Player Compete Skills and Drills
  • Dramatically improve Skating Power and Speed/Edge Control/Mechanics and Techniques
  • Improve Aerobics, Mobility. Agility and Quickness
  • Work on Balance, Body Power and Compete Skills with more challenging skating sessions
  • Work to upgrade ALL Stick Skills, Shooting and Passing
  • Small Area Game Play to utilize learned skills and "How to Play the Game Tactics and Strategies"

They will be Totally Ready for their Tryouts and the New Season


Compete Session 

Brings a new Intensity and Dynamics to each player through a comprehensive and motivating  program built around Determination, Hustle, Hardwork and Puck and Player Compete Skills and Drills


Winning One-on-One Battles

  1. High intensity focus on puck protection, checking/ angling skills and raising your compete level.
  2. Attack strategies, Techniques, Give & Take
  3. Small Area Game Confrontation and Competition Techniques

Body Checking (2005-07 only)

  1.  How to Body Check, Giving & Taking, Degree of Force
  2.  Where and  when to use it
  3.  Personal & Opponent Safety Concerns

Dynamic Pre-Session Warm-up

This pre-game warm-up session will dramatically reduce on-ice injuries and provide the players with the ideal practice or game preparation and performance. Visit the PRE-SESSION WARM-UP section of our website for complete details

Current Promotions

Convenient Payment Plan

  • Pay 50% Now, 50% June 6, 2020

Multi-Session Discount

  • Enjoy a discount of $25.00 off each additional session when registering the same child for more than one session
Competing, Skating and Shooting Combo (2010-11, 2008-09, 2005-07)

Competing is Winning

This Compete, Power Skating and Scoring Program was developed by Coach Glenn in recognition of the differences there are between all players. Some are go getters ready to play at all times but most players don't have the natural in-born drive required to take them to the next level. But it is a process, contrary to what others may think, that can be learned providing it is taught in a structured and motivated environment. Coach Glenn and his coaches are all competent and successful players and Coaches having competed at the highest levels and they will pass on the secrets to their success.

To be prepared to really compete each player must also possess the Skating and Game and Stick Skills required to be in the position to score or execute the required game play situation.

That is why we have put together this COMBO PROGRAM. It will be the Winning Combination for your player's leadership and success on his/her team this year.