After School Program (January - March, 2018)

This program is for Peewee-aged players with three years hockey experience and focusses on maximizing each player's successes and natural abilities while developing a strong skill set whether he/she be a forward or defenseman and is designed to prepare them for the remainder of the seaon as well as the upcoming playoff season.

Coach Glenn, along with Nationally Accredited Power Skating Coach Jasper Tang and/or one of our nationally certified coaches will be on ice at all sessions to provide hard-working, individualized and group training, teaching and correcting along with strong motivation and encouragement. All necessary tools to have in your tool shed during the Playoff Run.


Session Contents

Power Skating-Forwards/Defense

  1. Advanced Agility, mobility, edge control, pivoting, endurance

  2. High speed forward/ backward acceleration and transitioning

  3. Maximize explosiveness with instant stops and re-starts

Defensive/Offensive Game Play

  1. Angling, down low battles . first pass, transitioning

  2. Offensive zone tactics, forechecking, driving the net, cycling, scoring

  3. Defensive neutral zone positioning, angling, gap management, communication

  4. Winning one-on-one ice battles, forwards/defense in all zones, along the walls, in front of either net, setting up to score

  5. Controlling the opponent, establishing your own ground, dominate the game

Shooting, Scoring, Stick Skills

  1. Puck possession, positioning, forward/backhand shooting and control

  2. Stickhandling, saucer, give and go, touch forward/backhand passing

  3. Forehand/Backhand, slap, snap, accurate set up shots all designed to score

  4. Power play responsibilities and opportunities.


Current Promotion

Convenient Payment Plan

  • Pay 50% Now, 50% at the End of June

Our in-season, adanced program offers a vibrant and exciting learning experience with a strong on ice discipline while providing hands-on individual advanced level training, making sure to offer praise for results achieved.

We will develop this already accomplished player's abilities so as to affect his Game Playing results by working on his/her scoring, both goals and assists, on-ice positioning and dominance while playing with team-mates and against opponents. He/she will become a higher profile player capable of scoring or setting up the big goal when the game is on the line.