January - March (Richmond Ice Centre)

H 3-4 Winter In-Season Hockey and Spring Preparation Program (2012-2013)

After School Program

Preparing and coaching a program for this group of players, who have a minimum of two years hockey training, requires a unique combination of knowledge, imagination, persuasion, instruction and charisma.   

Coach Glenn, whose reputation precedes him, is acknowledged to be the most outstanding Coach of young players in BC . He is able to generate a level of enthusiasm combined with on-ice discipline that motivates each player to listen and learn all the skills regardless of his/her level of competence.

His unique training methods challenge the player to perform to his/her highest level and he generates within each child the want to do better.

This is a program intended to bring the ability of each player to a place he/she has never been to before and prepare them for the rest of the season and Spring Hockey if they are choosing to play..


Session Contents

Power Skating

  1. Power skating forwards/backwards, edge control, mobility, agility

  2. Improve crossovers, pivoting, instant stops and re-starts, on-ice balance, power

  3. Accelerate speed, acceleration and explosiveness with frequent short competitive sprints.

  4. Improve compete skills, endurance and stamina with challenging extended skating sessions

Stick Skills

  1. Stickhandling, deking, puck control and  possession  

  2. Forehand /backhand shooting techniques, accuracy and power

  3. Passing skills, timing, accuracy, when to pass and why

  4. Scoring, positioning, driving to net, competing and determination.


H 3-4 Winter In-Season Hockey and Spring Preparation Program (2012-2013)

Game and Season Ready

The ultimate goal of these sessions is to ensure that each player has left our school more enthused than ever to be a good hockey player able to compete at whichever level his/her skill permits. With the second half of the season coming up we know that each player wants to be proud and satisfied with his/her performance during this period while preparing themselves for Spring Hockey should they be intending to play.

Coach Glenn, after the initial start-up drills, separates the players during each session into smaller groups, each one established so that the players will be competing with and against players equal to their own ability thus ensuring that he is able to get maximum effort and improvement from each of the players.

Coach Glenn, and his on-ice coaches are able to focus on players individually so as to provide the best coaching possible while offering advice and rewarding good effort and performance along the way.