Aug 12-16, 2019, Aug 19-23, 2019 (Richmond Ice Centre)

H3-4 Advanced Power Skating and Hockey Development Combo

Preparing and coaching a program for this group of players, who have a minimum of two years hockey training, requires a unique combination of knowledge, imagination, persuasion, instruction and charisma.

Coach Glenn, whose reputation precedes him, is acknowledged to be the most outstanding Coach of young players in BC . He is able to generate a level of enthusiasm combined with on-ice discipline that motivates each player to listen and learn all the skills taught.


Session Contents

Power Skating

  1. Power skating forwards/backwards, edge control, mobility, agility

  2. Improve crossovers, pivoting, instant stops and re-starts, on-ice balance, power

  3. Accelerate speed, acceleration and explosiveness with frequent short competitive sprints.

  4. Improve compete skills, endurance and stamina with challenging extended skating sessions

Stick Skills

  1. Stickhandling, deking, puck control and  possession  

  2. Forehand /backhand shooting techniques, accuracy and power

  3. Passing skills, timing, accuracy, when to pass and why

  4. Scoring, positioning, driving to net, competing and determination.

Small Area Games and Team Play

  1. Putting to use daily teachings of Skating and Stick Skills

  2. Promotes Creative Thinking

  3. Cycling, Change of pace, on-on-one situations, puck protection, shooting and scoring

Current Promotions

Convenient Payment Plan

  • Pay 50% Now, 50% July 5, 2019

Multi-Session Discount

  • Enjoy a discount of $25.00 off each additional session when registering the same child for more than one session
H3-4 Advanced Power Skating and Hockey Development Combo

Game and Evaluation Ready

The ultimate goal of these sessions is to ensure that each player has left our school more enthused than ever to be a good hockey player able to compete at whichever level his/her skill permits. With player evaluations coming up and eventually season games to play we know that each child wants to be proud and satisfied with his/her performance.

Coach Glenn, runs this Combo Program in three separate but integrated sessions thus building a cohesive learning pattern easily understood by all the players. He will on occasion separate the group into separate stations thus allowing for an expanded program facilitating more time spent on each of the skills being developed.

Our four on-ice coaches are able to focus on players individually so as to provide the best coaching possible while offering advice and rewarding good effort and performance along the way.